First Day

Here I am, the first day of a new life, sitting in a Starbucks in Dover, Delaware, writing this blog.

Current thoughts- my life less than a year ago. I owned a business that I hated. I had nine tenants in one duplex that would occasionally drive me nuts. I was ride-sharing on weekends to support my personal finances. I was hustling around the clock, no time for leisure activities. And here I am, all the time in the world for leisure activities and no time for hustling around the clock.

I’ve taken a 360 on my life’s perspective in six months. I just hope this isn’t just a midlife crisis. Just (slightly) kidding. When you constantly want more from life and aren’t satisfied with the ordinary, you seek the extraordinary. Even if it doesn’t make sense on the outside. It’s a large disconnect between a person and society that’s unexplainable to most.

I often wonder where I will be in five years. Only God knows where this journey will take me and I’m placing my trust in Him to guide me to my mission.