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Nukey Hov

My name is Manouk and I’m 31 years old at the start of this trip. I’m Armenian, born and raised in Philadelphia, and lived there my entire life. I haven’t dedicated much time for travel or leisure activities. I’m single with no children, blessed to have great health. My mom and two sisters live nearby, along with my seven-year old nephew, Michael, and my brother-in-law. My father passed away when I was sixteen. Most of my extended family live in Toronto, California, Armenia, and Syria.

I completed my undergrad from Temple University in 2014 and worked a corporate job for two years. I quit my job in 2016 and dabbled in a few businesses ventures, including real estate, virtual reality, and a food truck.

My passions include being active, the outdoors, traveling, writing, trying new foods, puzzles, learning other cultures, and inspiring others to find their passions. I’ve had this dream to go across country since I was young. Once I discovered that entrepreneurship meant more to me than just “being my own boss”, I discovered my passions and worked night and day to chase this dream.

I purchased a 2012 Nissan Rogue, a DJI Spark drone, a GoPro Hero 7, and a 2019 Trek Dual Sport 3 bicycle so I can take my life on the road in 2019. I’ve pinned over a thousand destinations across the US, including mountains, lakes, springs, deserts, museums, amusement parks, tourist attractions, ghost towns, restaurants, and many others. Oh, and I juggle at every state capitol, just because :D. I’m trekking 48 continental US states (maybe 50) and hoping to travel the globe shortly after.

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